Jon Hamm and Ben Affleck Get Bromantic in New Movie

jon affleck

Mad Men‘s dapper Jon Hamm and every gossip magazine’s Ben Affleck will star in The Town, a “romantic thriller.” What, exactly, is a romantic thriller? I don’t think I’ve seen one since Hitchcock‘s Notorious. Welcome back, you crazy genre!

So what will this movie be about, and Jennifer Lopez isn’t somehow in it, is she? “The story follows the relationship between a bank manager, the career criminal (Affleck) who stole more than her heart and the dedicated FBI agent (Hamm) trying to bust the crook and his gang.”

I’m not crazy about this plot synopsis, to be honest. I expected Hamm and Affleck to be lovers or at least have man crushes on each other like in all the Judd Apatow movies. Being in love with a woman is so 2006.

Ben Affleck is also directing the film and writing the adaptation, which means he’s still trying to prove to people he deserved that Good Will Hunting screenplay Oscar.

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