Katy Perry’s Boobs Poke Fun at ‘Sesame Street’ Sitch on SNL

Talk about timing!   Just a week after Katy Perry’s segment was yanked from Sesame Street because of her clevage, she was set to appear on the season premiere of SNL.

Katy appeared in a skit making light of the situation, as she played a sixteen-year-old girl who “developed over the summer.”

Katy was basically busting out of her Elmo t-shirt.

The skit probably could have been better, but we like where they were going.

In other Katy Perry’s boobs news, Katy will reportedly film a segment with The Simpsons puppets for an upcoming holiday episode set to air in November.

If Sesame Street doesn’t want Katy Perry’s boobs, plenty of people do!

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