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Willow Smith: Ankle-Biter, Style Biter

Child of privilege, Willow Smith can’t dress herself and has had a stylist for years, her stylist is now adding injury to insult by  using stolen designs.  It seems the one armed half jacket Willow wore to the AMAs was a copy cat. We’re not talking borrowed elements, but a full fledged rip off of a […]

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Willow Smith on Ellen – Today!

Willow Smith is going to be whipping her hair on Ellen! In an episode to air Tuesday,  the 9-year-old talks about her new song that has the nation whipping their hair back and fourth. As always, Ellen provides her guest with a gift.  For Willow: a neck brace. Ellen tells her: “Because you have such […]

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Willow Smith Tweets Performance With Bieber

The latest chick in the music game tweeted this pic of herself ready to hit the stage with another mega-star last night. Willow Smith writes: “Right before I went on stage last night with @justinbieber…so exciting” We have a feeling sooner than later, Justin Bieber will be hitting the stage with Willow Smith. Willow hasn’t […]

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Snooki Does Willow Smith

Snooks  ‘whips her hair’! Snooki posted this video of herself (and her pooch) dancing to Willow Smith’s new single, ‘Whip My Hair’. Check it out. Who’s not whipping their hair these days!

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Willow Smith Dreams of a Gaga-Collaboration

For some reason we’re thinking ask and you shall receive in this case! Willow Smith has exploded onto the scene with her new video for ‘Whip My Hair’ and solidified herself as a legit artist. Naturally she’s been making the radio rounds and revealed someone she’d like to work with: “[Somebody] I would really want […]

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Willow Smith Gets the Sesame Street – Treatment

We told you it was going to be a smash! Within a day, there’s a Sesame Street spoof of Willow Smith’s ‘I Whip My Hair Back’ video! Check it out below

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This is Why Jay-Z Signed Willow Smith

When we heard Jay-Z was making Willow Smith the newest addition to his Roc Nation, we thought of it as more of a favor to dad / she will sell childish records to children type of thing. Then we saw the video for ‘I Whip My Hair’ and our jaw dropped!   This song/video could be […]

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Willow Smith: The ROC is in the Building

We thought it was a bit strange when Jay-Z was praising Willow Smith’s choice to start her music career at just nine years old, but now we know there’s a good reason. It’s his own investment! Willow, along with Roc-nation boss Jay-Z appeared on Ryan Seacrest’s radio program this morning to announce her new music […]

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From Riches to Riches: Willow Smith

Wait doesn’t Rihanna already have a song called “Whipping My Hair”? Don’t we already have three Smiths we are supposed to care about? Aren’t we already too busy mime-ing Bieber’s hair on to stuff? Someone needs to let Jay-Z know because he just signed Willow Smith after hearing her track “Whip My Hair”. He  told […]

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