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President Obama Unleashes Attack Ad Starring Big Bird

No really – this happened! President Barack Obama’s latest campaign ad features Big Bird, the star of Sesame Street, who Governor Mitt Romney brought up during last week’s debate, claiming that though he “likes” Big Bird, he would cut the Government funding of PBS, so that the US can stop borrowing money from China. The […]

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Eva Longoria Tells DNC “I Don’t Need A Tax Break”

Eva Longoria took the stage at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night where she spoke to those in attendance and those tuned in on TV and online urging them to re-elect Barack Obama as President of the United States. The actress was named co-chair of Obama’s national re-election commitee, and shared her beliefs that […]

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President Obama Gives a USA Pep Talk

President Barack Obama stopped by the Team USA basketball scrimmage on Tuesday night in Washington D.C. to take a look at this year’s team that is headed off to London to compete in the Olympics next week. With first lady Michelle Obama in tow, the Prez was featured on the arena’s “kiss cam” in the fourth […]

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50 Cent Now Supports Same Sex Couples

50 Cent has come under fire of many in the past for making homophobic comments on the internet, but he has taken a new stance on the issue. The rapper is now standing behind new artist Frank Ocean, who revealed just a few weeks ago that his first relationship was with a man. 50 Cent […]

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Eva Longoria Joining President Obama’s Re-Election Campaign

Eva Longoria along with ‘Harold & Kumar star’ Kal Penn have been selected to serve as national co-chairs on President Barack Obama’sre-election campaign. With the 2012 election looming, President Obama has has named 35 ambassadors to help rally voters as he strives to win another White House term. Barack’s administration announced the complete list of […]

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Clint Eastwood Donates Super Bowl Ad Fee To Charity

Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl commercial for Detroit and Chrysler has been getting very positive reviews, with some even considering it the best of the night, but there are those out there trying to point out potential ulterior motives. The actor has been accused of Endorsing President Obama in the ad, which he supports the re-surging […]

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Drake Wants To Play President Obama

Rapper Drake is the latest name on the laundry list of celebs who want to play President Obama in a biopic about the President. During a recent chat with VH1 at Sundance, Drake revealed, “I hope somebody makes a movie about Obama’s life soon because I could play him. That’s the goal. I watch all […]

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White House To Release Photo Of Osama Bin Laden

The White House has decided to release a photo of Osama Bin Laden’s corpse, according to multiple reports. A senior US official has revealed to CNN: “There are 3 sets of photos that were taken from the day OBL was killed: 1) Photos of OBL’s body taken at a hangar moments after the raid. 2) […]

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Seth Meyers Makes Osama Joke At Correspondents Dinner, Obama Keeps Cool

We now know that President Obama green lit the mission to raid the mansion where Osama Bin Laden was staying on Friday, so how did he keep it cool during the White House Correspondents Dinner when host Seth Meyers made an Osama joke? Check out Obama’s poker face below.

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Donald Trump “Thinking About” Running For President in 2012

He’s got a tiny bit better of a shot than NYC’s naked cowboy, but Donald Trump doesn’t seriously think he could run for President, does he? According to the business tycoon, he’s “thinking about it.” He tells Fox News; “I’ve had so many people over the years ask me to do that. And for the […]

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