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Deceased DJ AM’s Intervention Series; The Showsploitation Will Go On

Reality shows about addiction are a bit like hitting the crack pipe – you either feel the love… or wanna tear your skin off. Case in point: A&E’s brilliant and educational show “Intervention”, hosted by the “I’ve-been-to-hell-and-back” survivor/host Candy Finnegan. And the trash TV example: Tabloid whore Dr Drew Pinsky, whose Vh1 ‘Celebrity Rehab’ thrives […]

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STARZLIFE PICS: Rihanna = Fierce

Yeah, you tell him, Rihanna! I hate Justin Timberlake‘s hat, too! The statuesque Barbadian partied at the DeLeon Tequila VMAs afterparty along with every other celeb in NYC last night. To check out some more photos from the EXCLUSIVE NYC event, click here!

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2nd Attempt to Make Nice With Taylor Swift Fans

Kanye West has issued his second apology for last night’s VMA antics. As opposed to the first, he was short and sweet this time.  But is his situation comparable with his example? “I feel like Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents when he messed up everything and Robert De Niro asked him to leave… That […]

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A Paris Hilton/Porn Story Where Paris Isn’t Doing the Porn

Paris Hilton has a reality show on MTV titled Paris Hilton’s My New BFF. You might think “BFF” stands for “Bentley Father Financed,” but it’s “Best Friend Forever,” although in this case “Baby Female Fondler” would be closer to the mark – some moron is going to spend five years in the clink for including child […]

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MTV Might Be Slightly Less Execrable in the Near Future

This is impossible for someone young to understand, but MTV used to be the coolest channel on television. For most of the 90s, it produced original programming that you did not need to be a stupid, female, 12-year-old Less Than Jake fan to enjoy; shows like The State, Liquid Television, and Beavis and Butt-Head. Then the […]

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EXCLUSIVE !!! Dirt Nasty Cleans Up

Starzlife spotted former MTV Veejay Simon Rex out washing his car outside of his Hollywood Hills home. The one time What I Like About You star went shirtless as he washed the dirt nasty off his baby blue Buick Riviera. For those of you not in the know, Rex raps under the alias Dirt Nasty […]

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OMG, MTV Announces VMA Nominations, JSYK

MTV announced the nominees for the 2009 Video Music Awards today, with Beyonce and Lady Gaga getting the most attention. You the commoners will be able to go online or text your vote for the winner. Video of the Year Beyonce- “Single Ladies [Put a Ring on It]” (with SNL, the Jonas Brothers, and a […]

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Audrina’s Show to Begin Shooting This Summer

Even though she’s still being filmed for The Hills, Audrina Patridge will be pulling double duty when she begins filming her own show, The Audrina Show, this summer. Audrina tells Us Weekly; “It’ll basically be my life – every aspect. What you don’t see on The Hills will be on the show. It will be […]

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LC Bids Farewell to The Hills

After last night’s finale of The Hills, which was Lauren Conrad’s last,  she delivered her farewell address via Myspace blog to all of her friends and fans. Says LC: Last night was my last episode of “The Hills”. It was a bittersweet night for me. A part of me is sad to say goodbye to […]

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Hills Bonus Footage!

How epic was the season finale of The Hills last night on MTV?  Probably one of the best episodes to date, (not that it says much about the show) but still, as far as  “unscripted dramas” are concerned it was a top of the line episode! We saw Kristin Cavallari come back for Spencer and […]

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