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Tweet of the Day/Month/Year!

“@Sn00ki u r right, I would never tax your tanning bed! Pres Obama’s tax/spend policy is quite The Situation. but I do rec wearing sunscreen!” –Senator John McCain tweeting Jersey Shore’s Snooki regarding her comments about sticking to spray tan due to President Obama’s tax on tanning salons.

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The View Discusses Obama’s B+ Grade

The View co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the face of the new Republican party: Bigoted, Bitter… and Bashing on Obama‘s B+! The conservative Christian called out Obama’s “B+” grade as deplorable, despite the rest of the co-hosts (and the rest of the world’s) insistence that the poor guy is still cleaning up Bush crap. Said Elizabeth: […]

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Angelina Thinks Obama Is O-Lamer

When it comes to our patron saint of Pulitzer president, Angelina Jolie ain’t drinking the Obama cool aid. According to a source at US magazine, “She hates him. She’s into education and rehabilitation and thinks Obama is all about welfare and handouts. She thinks Obama is really a socialist in disguise.” What?! A Hollywood star […]

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Sandra Bernhard On Gay Marriage: “We Need To Stop Doing Straight People’s Hair”

Joy Behar‘s talk show (yeah, she has one) invited three sassy gals on to a gay-themed panel t’other day. The three gals in question? Aisha Tyler (um, OK… next!), Fran Drescher, and our favorite, Sandra Bernhard! When the talk turned to gay marriage, and the gay community’s anger towards Obama‘s lack of action, Sandra had […]

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A Change I Can’t Believe In – Michelle Obama’s New Haircut

Hey! Now that we know what kind of dog the First Family finally got, here’s another distraction from the fact soldiers are still in Iraq or that the economy is crap or that gay Americans are still denied basic rights! The First Lady got her hairz cut! Click here to see Michelle Obama‘s short new […]

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Fred Durst Says Obama is No President

He may have won the election, but he hasn’t won over Limp Bizkit front man Fred Durst yet. Yeah, we’re talking about Obama! In fact, Durst has never voted in a presidential election because he feels as if there’s never been the right man for the job on the ballot. Durst explains in a recent […]

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Whitney Worried About New Reality Competition.

Whitney Port is worried that another city is going to give The City a run for it’s money. Port blogs that she cant believe Barack Obama is going to have a reality show (wink wink), and jokes that if he starts designing clothes , she’s “really in trouble.” Here’s what she means: That’s actually really […]

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Russell Brand chews up “W” and spits him out for dinner!

Sorry, Charley!  I have to admit even “I” thought the Brit went a little over board with his “W” Roast.  I guess when you are on live television, anything goes!  No matter who you wanna win, you just have to VOTE!  Hopefully that speech stirred y’all up a bit!  Vote!  Vote!  Vote!  Then after “BEST […]

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