The View Discusses Obama’s B+ Grade


The View co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the face of the new Republican party: Bigoted, Bitter… and Bashing on Obama‘s B+!

The conservative Christian called out Obama’s “B+” grade as deplorable, despite the rest of the co-hosts (and the rest of the world’s) insistence that the poor guy is still cleaning up Bush crap.

Said Elizabeth:

A B+ is a strong grade. I don’t think that’s the case right now.

Added Joy (to wild applause:)

Is it easy to fix this country up after what Bush did? He’s not a magician!

And added an on-the-fence Whoopi:

I would have given him a C+. There are some things he said he would do that he has not done. One of them is gay marriage. He was very clear about what he was going to do. I would shift that.

Here’s our Obama grade: Overall performance: C. Performance on the gay issue: D-/E.

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