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John Stamos’ Blackmailers Sentenced

The couple trying to squeeze Uncle Jessie for  $680,000 have been sentenced to 4 years in prison. The couple originally contacted Stamos through email claiming to have photos of the actor snorting coke and hangin’ in a hot tub with hookers.  Stamos did the smart thing and reported the blackmail attempt to the authorities last year  and two Michigan […]

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Be Lindsay’s Prison Pen Pal

Reports from the Lynwood Jail are that they are receiving over 100 calls per hour asking to talk with Inmate 2409752, aka Lindsay Lohan. Clearly nobody is getting the clearance to talk to her on the phone, but there is a way! Write her a letter! You can either print out the post card attached […]

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Seacrest Stalker Sentenced to Two Years in the Slammer

Ryan Seacrest 26-year-old stalker was sentenced to two years in prison this morning, after pleading no contest to felony stalking last March. The judge showed no mercy on Chidi Uzomah, who stalked Seacrest outside of an Orange County hospital, armed with a knife and then later violated his restraining order by showing up to the […]

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Charlie’s Jail Time Will Not Mess Up Production of TV Show

Have no fear, Two and a Half Men fans, the show WILL go on. Despite it being reported that Charlie Sheen’s plea will result in his spending some time in the Aspen Slammer, the next season of Two and a Half Men will not be affected by it. Sheen is reportedly going to start his […]

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Lil’ Wayne “Not a Celebrity” in Prison; Banned From Signing Autographs

Lil Wayne has begun his year long prison sentence, and some new rules have had to bet set in place at New York’s Rikers Island penitentiary. No autographs! Inmates will not be allowed to ask the hip hop star for a signature, according to TMZ. A representative for the prison tells them ; “Lil Wayne […]

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Prison Life is Rough, You Are Forced to Watch NBC Sitcoms Against Your Will

An inmate in a woman’s prison in Wisconsin was so adamant the communal TV not be tuned to The Office that she pulled the hair of the inmate who was in charge of the remote. The inmate, Shacoya S. Crawley, now faces new felony charges stemming from the incident. Oh, she’s probably one of those […]

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OJ Simpson Appeals Robbery Verdict.

O.J. Simpson still insists he’s innocent of everything! Including the armed robbery which landed him in a Nevada prison for a 9-33 year stretch. Simpson filed an appeal Tuesday claiming judicial misconduct, lack of racial diversity on the jury, and errors in sentencing and jury instruction. Simpson traded his life in a ranch style home […]

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