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Wynn Says No Way to Wayne

Lil’ Wayne hot off his release from prison wasn’t able to attend a post show party at the Wynn Hotel after performing with Drake at the Hard Rock because he’s been banned. As part of his probation Lil’ Wayne is not allowed to drink for 3 years and I guess the Wynn didn’t want to […]

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Lil Wayne’s First Photo Post-Prison, to Perform in Vegas?

Here’s the first photo of Lil Wayne after his release from Rikers Island on Thursday morning, back to work and indulging a little bit. Wayne sits by the computer while enjoying a cigar and glass of wine, two things he’s been eight months without. So does anyone have the urge to see Wayne live this […]

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Weezy On the Loose

Lil Wayne is a free man! After serving out eight months of his one year sentence on a weapons charge, Wayne walked from New York City’s Rikers Island prison this morning. His release was originally pushed back until tomorrow morning due to one instance where he broke the rules behind bars, but whoever  is in […]

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Lil Wayne Sent to Solitary for a Crime of Music

Lil Wayne has been moved to solitary at Rikers for possessing a MP3 player and some headphones.  He got caught with the items back in May but had to wait for the isolation cell to become available.  Solitary for Wayne means: one hour of recreational time per day, shorter visits and one phone call a […]

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Lil’ Wayne “Not a Celebrity” in Prison; Banned From Signing Autographs

Lil Wayne has begun his year long prison sentence, and some new rules have had to bet set in place at New York’s Rikers Island penitentiary. No autographs! Inmates will not be allowed to ask the hip hop star for a signature, according to TMZ. A representative for the prison tells them ; “Lil Wayne […]

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It’s Taking Longer to Put Lil’ Wayne Behind Bars Than It Took to Put Michael Jackson In the Ground

Is Weezy ever going to the slammer? In the time since the start of his sentence has been delayed twice, he could have recorded 300 mixtapes. The AP reports that Wayne’s sentencing – already delayed once so that the three remaining real teeth in Wayne’s head could be drilled – has again been delayed due […]

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Economy, Schmeconomy! Lil’ Wayne’s Getting Even Richer!

Weezy‘s got aaall da money! When it comes to that paper, he stacks books! I wonder if he’s ever read one! If you’re a fan of clothing labels owned by rappers, like Sean John, Phat Farm, Roc-A-Wear, Shady Ltd, G-Unit, and other collections of cheaply made, oversized garments available at Ross and Marshall’s, just wait […]

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TMZ is reporting that Lil’ Wayne ain’t locked down just yet. Lil’ Wayne, who eats candy and drinks soda all day, needs oral surgery to repair the soft tooth-like structures barely hanging onto his gums. He’s scheduled to go under the knife on the 12th and will caged after he recovers. Wayne, please come blaze […]

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Lil’ Wayne Bites the Bullet Starting Today

And for you non-prison-slang muahfuckahs, a bullet is a year in jail. Political prisoner Lil’ Wayne begins his unjust year-long stint at Riker’s today. Weezy F. Baby, the Rapper Eater, aka the Best Rapper Alive, is going away on a bullshit weapons charge. He was found in illegal possession of a .40 caliber handgun after […]

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Jesus Christ, People, Calm Down: Lil’ Wayne Isn’t Voicing Jesus Christ

Weezy F. Baby isn’t voicing Jesus H. Christ in an Adult Swim cartoon being produced by T-Pain. But I can see why you’d be confused: Contrary to reports that rapper Lil Wayne will be lending his voice to the son of God, a spokesperson for Adult Swim says that the rapper’s character in a one-hour […]

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