Economy, Schmeconomy! Lil’ Wayne’s Getting Even Richer!


Weezy‘s got aaall da money! When it comes to that paper, he stacks books! I wonder if he’s ever read one!

If you’re a fan of clothing labels owned by rappers, like Sean John, Phat Farm, Roc-A-Wear, Shady Ltd, G-Unit, and other collections of cheaply made, oversized garments available at Ross and Marshall’s, just wait til’ Weezy F. Baby gets sprung from the clink. He’s going to launch his own Young Money clothing line, according to the semi-reliable Mediatakeout. In addition to clothes designed by Lil’ Wayne himself, the line will offer items from his sexy high-yellow Jew protegĂ© Drake AND bangin’ slut gear styled by Nicki Minaj. The deal is reportedly worth TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS. That enough money for INFINITY BLUNTS!

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