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Has Everyone Seen the Vampire Diaries Yet?

A little late to the game I know, but what can I say, it’s a full time job being me.  I finally caught the series premiere of  The CW’s The Vamipre Diaries last night, and though to the regular  Edward Cullen loving blind eye it’s a blatant Twilight rip-off, it’s actually pretty good. If anyone […]

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Billy Burke: A Little too Honest, Don’t ya Think?

You would think that if two of your friends/co-stars were dating/maybe dating you would be supportive even if you did not foresee a long term relationship coming from it right? Well not if you’re Billy Burke, who plays Bella Swan’s overprotective father in The Twilight Saga. After some new photos of Kristen Stewart and Robert […]

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Mothers of Twi-Hards… Hide the Knives

When your daughters see this, things could get messy. Sit them down, and show them this.

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Copycat Fishes!

That’s what bothers Robert Pattinson about Shark Week.  Sharks bite people when they smell blood, just like vampires! Jimmy Fallon launched a new site based off of his Robert Pattinson spoofs called ‘Robert is Bothered.’ On the first official segment, Robert Pattinson is bothered by Shark Week. Check it out below.   Brilliant!

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Twilight is Everywhere, So Just Bow Down and Worship Your New God

Need more Twilight in your life? I don’t see how, since it’s everywhere already (including Comic-Con, which starts today with a peek at New Moon). Well, now you can wear your unashamed obsession (or guilty pleasure, depending on how old you are) all over town! Nordstrom is releasing a Twilight-inspired clothing line. The graphic tees […]

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Jimmy Fallon Fools People into Liking Him by Dressing Up as Robert Pattinson

Jimmy Fallon did impressions of Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe last night on Late Night. Because the only way to get people to watch Late Night is to somehow cash in on Harry Potter and Twilight. While watching this video, I can’t help but sing that little song, “One of these things is not like […]

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Twilight Comic Book Last Thing to Finally Cash In On Twilight Phenomenon

Remember when zombies were all the rage a few years ago? There were like ten billion zombie movies (Shaun of the Dead, 28 Weeks Later) and books (World War Z) out at the same time. Well, vampires are the new zombies! (Although the Thriller video is definitely making a resurgence, wonder why.) Thanks to Twilight‘s […]

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Twilight Invading the Oscars?

Though some of you us think Twilight was the movie of the year and should have been considered for something, it wasn’t. But don’t fear twilighters, there’s a rumor going around that Robert Pattinson is going to be presenting an award at this weeks awards show. There is also a rumor that Kristen Stewart will […]

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