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Daniel Radcliffe Discusses the Allegaytions

Harry Potter sat down with the MTV’s new Jew news anchor to talk about not being gay. He discusses being accused of having “gay face,” and acts like it’s such a shocking concept. Now, he’s right to be taken aback that someone would say he has it, because he doesn’t, but come on dude. You’re […]

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Harry Potter and the Screaming Japanese Fangirl, Coming Summer 2010

Japan really knows how to give good television. Daniel Radcliffe stopped by a wacky Japanese TV show, scaring the mother-lovin’ magic out of a huge tween Harry Potter fan.You have to hand it to Dan for totally rolling with this insane interview. Maybe he’s just completely jet-lagged and has no idea what’s going on. Or […]

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Jimmy Fallon Fools People into Liking Him by Dressing Up as Robert Pattinson

Jimmy Fallon did impressions of Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe last night on Late Night. Because the only way to get people to watch Late Night is to somehow cash in on Harry Potter and Twilight. While watching this video, I can’t help but sing that little song, “One of these things is not like […]

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The Sixth Jason Movie Didn’t Do This Well: Potter Makes 22.2 Million

The title for this post originally said “Potter Conjures” but, according to Google, 1,990 other writers also thought of that clever little play themselves. That’s the problem with puns: someone else has probably already done it. Also, they make people roll their eyes, even when they’re good. Harry Potter and the Chuzzlewit Broom Ride or […]

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