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Adam Lambert Appears Before The Judgmental BeYotches Of The View

Before a disgraced Adam Lambert returned to ABC this morning (well, a pre-recorded version of this morning), a somber Whoopi Goldberg told The View: “I think he’s more aware now that there are certain guidelines that he needs to follow…” What?! Are these hypocritical bitches still rapping the singer’s knuckles for kissing a man? Was […]

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Tiger Woods Ignites A Controversy On The View

Tiger Woods‘ cheatin’ ways have ignited another storm: a showdown on The View! During a heated discussion about the disgraced golfer,  Barbara Walters asked a visibly bored Whoopi Goldberg why she was falling asleep. A furious Whoopi replied: “I am bored out of my brain. Here’s my absolute honest opinion. Whether they get back together […]

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Whoopi To Barbara: “Speak Up You Old Thing!”

The ladies of The View unveiled their hilarious costumes today, including a kinda hot Barbara Walters. Yep, you heard those two words mentioned in the same sentence: Hot and Barbara Walters. Barbara introduced herself in character as a True Blood inspired vampire who was once a former anchor woman trying to write a story about […]

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Alicia’s Kind Diet (And Diarrhea)

It’s Tuesday and it’s raining in LA. The perfect day for a headline about diarrhea! Alicia Silverstone appeared on The View today promoting her new vegan cookbook, ‘The Kind Diet,’ (which features a foreword from Beatle Paul McCartney.) Despite Whoopi Goldberg‘s raised eyebrows and confession that she’s just “not into it,” Alicia sold the rest […]

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Whoopi Rips Gosselin A New One

Dang, things got heated on The View today! Guest co-host Kate Gosselin (you know – the woman with a hair cut that resembles e a baboon’s ass) told a story that clearly indicated she was violating the rules behind her custody agreements. There may have been more to the story but the hair was distracting. […]

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