Tiger Woods Ignites A Controversy On The View


Tiger Woods‘ cheatin’ ways have ignited another storm: a showdown on The View!

During a heated discussion about the disgraced golfer,  Barbara Walters asked a visibly bored Whoopi Goldberg why she was falling asleep.

A furious Whoopi replied:

I am bored out of my brain. Here’s my absolute honest opinion. Whether they get back together is not going to put food on my table. People demanding that you live up to their expectations is outrageous. God forbid something should come out about us. How does it feel?! Wake up baby, ‘cuz you are on television!

Retorted Elizabeth Hasslebeck, AKA the dumbest bigot on television:

It’s not OK! It doesn’t matter what your politics are or what you stand for. It’s not OK!

Barbara Walters, looking embarrassed by the shouting, intervened:

I assure you that we all love each other very much.

Joy Behar interrupted:

That’s not true. Sometimes we do. Sometimes we don’t.

Ouch! Who knew Tiger’s infidelity could cause such a divide?!

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One Response to Tiger Woods Ignites A Controversy On The View

  1. December 4, 2009 at 6:56 am #

    I think we should leave Tiger alone but I think his penance should be to stop the big ego move of wearing the red shirt on Sundays. From now on it should be commonly referred to as his fire hydrant red shirt.

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