Whoopi Rips Gosselin A New One


Dang, things got heated on The View today!

Guest co-host Kate Gosselin (you know – the woman with a hair cut that resembles e a baboon’s ass) told a story that clearly indicated she was violating the rules behind her custody agreements. There may have been more to the story but the hair was distracting.

Regardless, something – maybe the ass-hair – set off Whoopi big time. She exploded with:

I understand that but when you go into a custody [agreement] with someone, you have your specific time and they have their specific time! You’re not supposed to walk over that. That’s the law!

Croaked Butt-Hair:

But when your heart says something different…


You could have gone to jail! You could have gone to jail!

Yes, please send that tacky-ass fraud to jail! If only for her butt hair violation. Trailer park citation demanded now!

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