A business woman is definitely my kind of gal!

Nicky Hilton: Rich, famous, and hardworking!!

She even carries out her own trash purse!!nh.JPGLooking pretty cute this week, the incredibly skeletal fat (y’all happy now?) Nicky Hilton spent quite some time in various stores and fashion hot spots, in hopes of promoting her clothing line, which mostly features her own designs (she went to school for that, you know).  And her samples were aweseome! So, I must say, fat or not, I I just love her hardworking nature! Here’s Nicky Hilton coming out of Rock and Republic, while scheduling another meeting over the phone.  She was also spotted drawing up some more designs, carrying her own bags, and paying for her own parking meter!  I’m telling you, this woman is busy, busy, busy!!  Hmm…  Maybe that’s why Nicky Hilton has no time to properly eat diet!nh1.JPGnh2.JPGnh3.JPG

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