Demi Moore: Going wild in LA!! Crashes into an Escalade, and speeds off!!

EXCLUSIVE & Shocking! Demi has been out partying at all hours, and even pulling herself a “Britney” or two!

Aah, the beauty of young Hollywood!demi.jpg

dd.JPGOur camera guys caught up with Demi Moore at a party earlier this week, and it seems she was acting much like her ex-hubby, in her attempts to stay young and hip within the Hollywood scene!  Yep, Miss Demi “young knees” Moore seemed somewhat tired (tipsy, maybe?), as she clumsily left a private Donna Karan party she had attended with daughters at Joans on 3rd in Los Angeles!  And, although these “no pictures of the super-star” shots are pretty funny, the best part of the story is yet to come _ Demi pulled herself a Britney SpearsNo, no p*ssy shots, but a hit and run!!  And a filmed one, at that!  See, guys?  We shouldn’t be so hard on the Britmeister!  Even the classic, all-time Hollywood stars have a little too much fun once in a while as well…

Demi was later pulled over by SIX COP CARS, for suspicion of a hit and run, and even created quite the scene, as she refused to get out of her vehicle!  Way to go, mom!!

dms.JPGForeshadowing, perhaps?.. With such an awesome role model, its not so hard to imagine the “Demi clone” Scout soon following in momma’s partying tracks!!

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