Paris busted for D.U.I.!!!

Dressing Under the Influence that is.  Paris Hilton was spotted having lunch in Hollywood this week with boyfriend Benji Madden, and Benji sure seems to have influenced the new Ms. Hilton.Paris has always been known for being a “princess.”  She’s always wore pink, sparkely jewelry, and just been all around colorful.   Now that Benji has gotten ahold of her, she’s been sporting a lot of black.  I think it’s safe to say Benji has an influence on Paris.  (not necessarily a bad one, either)

Paris also looked like she still had a movie awards hangover during this lunch date.  She looked like she hadn’t done her hair in 2 days since the movie awards, where here and Benji were given so much camera time they might as well have gave an acceptance speech.

What do you think?  Is Benji a good influence on Paris? I think she pulls off the black.


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