Britney is a VMA Diva!

The East coast just watched Britney‘s VMA comeback live, and the West coast is impatiently waiting for the BS tape delay to air at 9 o clock, but here’s a list of some of Ms. Spears’ demands in order for her to grace us with her presence at tonight’s awards.

It seems as if little miss 2 year long comeback has requested not one , not two, but THREE dressing rooms for the evening.

The first dressing room is equipped with a 360° mirror, the second is said to have  a pilates area, while the third dressing room will be used to store her ten outfit choices.

The pop star has also requested scented candles, a personal dresser, masseuse, steamed veggies, sushi, Kabbalah, and a bowl of fresh fruit.

All for a 3 minute show intro???

Whatever she does better be amazing! ESPECIALLY if it’s not singing.

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