Whos Music Video Will Be Getting a Cameo From Miley?

Miley Cyrus and her father Billy Ray will be making an appearance in an upcoming video for one of musics hot new bands. To find out the who, what, when’s follow me.

It’s Metro Station. Metro Station is the band in which Miley’s half-brother Trace plays in.

PopEater just sat down with Trace and got the scoop on his bands new video.

Trace enlisted his father and sis to appear in the bands video for “Seventeen Forever” which will take place at an amusement park and feature bumper cars, and a ferris wheel.

The video is apparently a take on the 80’s vampire movie, The Lost Boys.

Trace told PopEater; “I didn’t know if I’d ever get to have [my
dad] in [a music video] of mine.”
He added that due to their busy schedules, the family rarely spends a lot of time with each other.

Must be nice having a sister who’s the queen of Disney to help skyrocket your little underground hipster band. Miley is always wearing Metro Station T’s at her concerts and has probably gotten them a legion of pre-teen girl fans they never really wanted, but wont argue with the cash.

To check out the rest of the interview with Trace, visit PopEater.com

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