Hef is Sad According to Kendra.

Hugh Hefner has gone soft.  According to one of his three girlfriends, Kenra Wilkinson, the original Playboy is pretty sad about whats been going on around the mansion.

Kendra told reporters at a party in Miami this weekend that “There’s a lot of rumors about me moving on, Holly moving on … it’s really sad.” She added “I mean, it’s only sad because Hef has to deal with it, and Hef gets really emotional because he really loves us. He is definitely a softie,” she added, “so it’s really sad seeing him go through this stuff.”

The latest out of the Playboy Mansion is that Kendra has been seeing NFL player Hank Baskett of the Philidelpha Eagles, while Hef’s main girl,  Holly Madison,  has been jetting off to Vegas every weekend to hook up with illusionist Criss Angel.

Don’t worry about Hef tho, according to Wilkinson, “he keeps it cool, and he has a lot of girlfriends around now to keep him happy.”

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