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Kendra Cops to Her Playboy Cover Charade

Kendra Wilkinson admitted on her blog that her recent Playboy cover is actually not so recent. She outs herself as having taken those photos two years ago when she was living at the Playboy Mansion. A plot line driving her most recent reality show followed her struggles to loose baby weight in time to shoot […]

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Be the Slut Next Door.

Every girls dream is now coming true.  Kendra Wilkinson is coming out with her own line of stripper poles. Kendra told reporters at the Red Cross’ red tie event this past weekend that she was coming out with the line, saying; “I’m coming out with my own stripper pole. Stripper pole, and stripper pole workout.” […]

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Is She Trying to Get Her Wedding Moved to Another Location?

In the latest issue of US Magaznie with Fergie’s wedding on the cover, former girl next door Kendra Wilkinson is “telling all” about her “bizarre life with Hef” inside the mansion. For someone who is supposed to be having a free fairytail wedding at the Playboy Mansion, likely paid for by Hefner himself, you’d think […]

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Nude? I’d Rather Get Married!

Kendra Wilkinson is finally speaking up on behalf of herself rather than through one of her former roommates regarding her wedding, and l Kendra Wilkinson speaking up for herself once in her life rather than through one of her former roommates. Kendra recently spoke of the big changes that will come post wedding to NFL […]

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What is it With This Girl?

No, not Kendra, but the other one that nobody ever talks about. Bridget! Ever since the demise of the girls next door started going down, and Kendra left the mansion for Philidelphia eagle, Hank Baskett, and Holly started jetting off to Vegas for Criss Angel, Bridget has been out there talking about both of them […]

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Might Be Flyin’ Solo After-All.

Kendra Wilkinson is set to get married to NFL star Hank Baskett this spring at the Playboy Mansion, and though ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner is supposed to be walking her down the asile, he’s now admitting second thoughts. Hefner joked on E’s Daily 10, “There may be a moment at the ceremony when I have second […]

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Hef Unhappy About Kendra Veering Off the Bunny Trail to Wed.

Even though Hugh Hefner has put on his happy face in support of Kendra Wilkinson’s recent engagement to NFL star Hank Baskett, everything is rumored to not exactly be all Easter Sunday over at the Playboy Mansion. A Wilkinson pal is speaking up and saying Hef gave Kendra his blessing to leave the house, and […]

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Hef is Sad According to Kendra.

Hugh Hefner has gone soft.  According to one of his three girlfriends, Kenra Wilkinson, the original Playboy is pretty sad about whats been going on around the mansion. Kendra told reporters at a party in Miami this weekend that “There’s a lot of rumors about me moving on, Holly moving on … it’s really sad.” […]

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Spread Eagle.

Kendra Wilkinson has already been rumored to be getting her own spin-off of The Girls Next Door, but could a new love have her show taking place in the city of brotherly love? Pieces of evidence are leaking out bit by bit that Kendra Wilkinson is involved with another man besides Hef.  The mans name […]

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Bunny Hop.

Kendra Wilkinson may be ending her tenure as Hef’s third girlfriend and a cast member of the E! Network’s Girls Next Door. 

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