Britney: “What the Hell Was I Thinking?”

Tonight Britney Spears premieres her music video for ‘Womanizer’ on 20/20 but for those of you expecting to see an interview, sorry to break it to ya but you’ll have to wait.

Instead Christie Brinkley‘s ex-husband is having the luckiest day ever because the day they’re letting him tell his side of the story is going to gain a bunch of extra viewers who only came to see Britney. Moving on…

Britney will be telling her side of the story but on another network, and not for another month. Britney has been sitting down with MTV for a documentary type film titled For the Record, which will air on the network on November 30, two days before Circus is released.

Britney will be looking back on the past couple of years and saying things like ; “I sit there and I’ll look back and I’m like: I’m a smart person. What the hell was I thinking?”

MTV has released a small clip of the film which can be seen below, or here.

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