Why Jason Preistley Directing 90210 is Not That Exciting.

The only person who should really be excited about Jason Preistley directing an upcoming episode of the new 90210 is Jason Priestley.

He’s opted out of showing his face on screen as Brandon Walsh, but will instead hang out behind the cameras and make sure Shanae Grimes is eating.

Priestley directed 18 episodes of the original series, not to mention starring in 244 so to have him back on the set is pretty cool for a 90210 fan, but as a 90210 fan, all the hype is too much.

For one, there are only a few television shows where you can recognize a director by his work, It’s not like the movies where you can spot a Spielberg film, or a Michael Bay film from a mile away.  Plus Priestley is not the Spielberg of television.

In fact, if it wasn’t for sites like this telling you that he’d be directing episode 18 of the new 90210 series which will air after the Christmas break, you’d probably never know until the end credits, because it will look just like the rest of the episodes.

Priestley seemed excited about directing the show though when he called into Ryan Seacrest’s radio program this morning and told him  he was hoping for Jennie Garth or Shannen Doherty to be a part of that episode.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun to go over there and work with all those guys.”

“I just hope that Jennie’s in the episode that I do, or that Shannen’s there, That’d be fun for me.”

It would be more fun if he’d just be Brandon Walsh again, I’m sure he’s busy and not out of work and all, but it’s not like the guy has a starring role on some prime time show that would be a conflict of interest.. Just sayin’

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  1. January 25, 2009 at 6:38 pm #

    Jason comeback to the remake of 90210 pls!? And reprise ur role as Brandon Walsh and give Brandon and Kelly the happy ending all the fans are lookn for. PLS?!!

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