The Show Mustn’t Go On


At least not for a little bit! In fact, There won’t be any new episodes of Jon & Kate +8 until August 3rd!

After last night’s big announcment on a separation, followed by the news that Kate had filed actual divorce papers, TLC has decided to hault production of the show to let things sort out for a little bit.

Unknown fact:   Jon & Kate is one of the most “real” reality shows out there, as sometimes filming and editing of an episode wraps just hours before it is on the air.

There isn’t enough footage to make an eintire new episode for next Monday, so they will be piecing together what they got with some clips of the past, before taking the hiatus until August 3rd.

Will they have to change the name to Jon minus Kate plus 8??

It will be interesting to see who behaves best over the next couple of months with a custody battle going on.  The kids are old enough that the mother doesn’t have that “motherly” advantage, but thats not saying Jon Gosselin is traditionally a saint…

Let the games begin!

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