Former Paris BFF Finally Talks About Split


Paris Hilton’s (hot) former BFF Brittany Flickinger is finally dishing on her nasty split from her “best friend” in the new issue of Cliche Magazine.

It’s actually sort of like an open letter to Paris.  What are the odds she reads Cliche Magazine?

In the letter she reveals that Paris is the one who spread all the nasty rumors and called her names, and that  she turned down BFF season 2 because she was advised it would be better for her. Flick also reveals  that it was known from the start there would be THREE seasons of the show.  So that means even though Paris Bff 2 is going on, a third is around the corner!

Oh hell, I’m attaching the letter to Paris below.  Click on the thumb to enlarge it and read it yourself.

Make sure you have a bunch of spare time though.  Don’t want you to waste any valuable minutes of your Friday.

Click here to check out the full interview and photo spread of Brittany Flickinger from Cliche Magazine.


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