Spencer Pratt Calls Out Governor Schwarzenegger!


If ever something was to imply that a person may dabble a bit in the art of herbal relaxation, one of Spencer Pratt’s latest tweets would be that something.  And he’s calling out The Governator for it!!

In a post to his Twitter page, Spencer Pratt noted how “California NEEDS KUSH to save it’s economy! What is Arnold waiting for???”

What exactly does he mean by California needs kush?

Well according to some calculations, the legalization of taxed marijuana in California would bring in 1.4 billion annually.

Through sales, marijuana would bring in $990 million from a $50-per-ounce fee and $392 million in sales taxes.

The bill would make the drug legal to adults to use, grow, and sell.

Would it actually work, and would people obey the taxation is the question.

Spencer Pratt thinks it’s worth a shot!

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