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Mike Tyson’s Biggest Regret

Mike Tyson is definitely a changed man these days.  If you read his twitter feed, you would never picture him being the same guy that his life path has made him out to be, but you would never guess his biggest regret. With the release a new ESPN 30 for 30 documentary about his relationship […]

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Snoop Dogg’s Challenge to Chuck Norris

Snoop Dogg’s latest tweet made us laugh out loud. If you’re sick of those stupid Chuck Norris jokes like we are, Snoop has got a comeback. He writes: “1 thing Chuck Norris can’t do is out smoke Snoopdogg. U HEAR ME!!” Hilarious!

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Video Released of a Reportedly “High” Jon Gosselin

A new video of Jon Gosselin has emerged, definitely one he’s not going to be “liking” on Facebook. The video, which features Jon and his former flame, Hailey Glassman on vacation in San Tropez  is allegedly of them stoned and pigging out on snacks at their hotel. According to the “source” who turned the video […]

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Are You Celebrating Today?

It’s 4:20 , which also doubles as Joey Lawrence’s birthday.  (“Woooooah”) Which ever your celebrating, because I know it’s one of the two, be careful out there. Take the advice from Twitter’s  @Jesus ;  “Reminder: Today is April 20th. Carry on” Make sure to say high hi to all your friends for us.

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Quote of the Day!

“I usually smoke weed and watch Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood“- Megan Fox on how she spends her free time. I was about to make fun of her until I remembered I spent all day Sunday watching Lifetime movies and eating Rice Krispie treats by the square foot. Let he who is without trashy […]

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Spencer Pratt Calls Out Governor Schwarzenegger!

If ever something was to imply that a person may dabble a bit in the art of herbal relaxation, one of Spencer Pratt’s latest tweets would be that something.  And he’s calling out The Governator for it!! In a post to his Twitter page, Spencer Pratt noted how “California NEEDS KUSH to save it’s economy! […]

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Megan Fox Calls for Legalization of Weed

Megan Fox is calling out to the government for the legalization of marijuana. An admitted weed smoker, Fox recently told the latest issue of Britain’s GQ  that it’s time to legalize the drug, and she’ll be the first in line to pick up a pack when it happens. Says fox; “I can’t tell you how […]

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