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Starzlife Quote of the Day

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Quote of the Day!

“I usually smoke weed and watch Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood“- Megan Fox on how she spends her free time. I was about to make fun of her until I remembered I spent all day Sunday watching Lifetime movies and eating Rice Krispie treats by the square foot. Let he who is without trashy […]

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Ashton Kutcher is a Poet, But You Knew That

Ashton Kutcher told Gotham magazine (not Twitter, surprisingly!) the following concerning his wife, Demi Moore: “You know when you first discovered a hamburger and then you can’t live without it? That’s what it’s like for me with her“. Listen up, romantics! Flower metaphors, comparing a woman to a summer’s day, all BS! Compare your love […]

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Stop Those Crunches, Your Friends Need You

“Abs are for people with no friends. I don’t do the ab thing. I’ve even had them once, actually, for a film, and they were always covered up. I just said to myself, ‘Well, I’ll just never do that again.’ That was a waste of time” –Eric Bana I love that ‘abs’ are a thing […]

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Kid Rock Hates Twitter, Possibly Gays Too

Kid Rock apparently has never watched the Hilary Duff PSA telling us not to use the term ‘gay’ where you might use ‘retarded‘, err, ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’. He tells Rolling Stone his opinion on Twitter in an interview: “It’s gay. If one more person asks me if I have a Twitter, I’m going to tell […]

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