Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart Tape Themselves High, Naked, Wet

Actors Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart backstage at the TNT/TBS b

Get ready to hear the phrase “naked tape” enter the celebs gossip vernacular – Eric Dane, the square-headed hunky M.D. on Grey’s Anatomy (I think he plays McFlurry) and his wife, actress/kid-runner-over Rebecca Gayheart are, along with Kari Anne Peniche, the stars of a leaked home movie that shows them sitting around and talking while nude. That’s why it’s a “naked tape” and not a “sex tape” – there’s no sex, at least for us. I’m assuming (and hoping) that these three crazy kids got down to business at some point, because if their entire evening consisted of the coke ramblings we’re treated to in the three-minute clip available on the web, then they’ve managed to make drug-soaked bacchanalia boring.

If you’d like to watch the clip, it’s here.

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