Ashton Kutcher Really, Really Does Not Like Brett Favre


Ashton Kutcher took to his flip camera and his twitter account this morning to vent his frustration over Brett Favre‘s career track. In the video below, Kutcher rants in the mirror, urging NFL Commissioner Goodell to impose a 5 game penalty upon Favre for signing with the Minnesota Vikings.

Favre retired from the Green Bay Packers in 2008, then sat around for a while, but was unhappy so he signed with the New York Jets. He played for them for a season then retired again. Only he didn’t retire again, as it was announced this morning that he had signed with the Minnesota Vikings. Maybe Favre just really enjoys the cake they serve at retirement parties and couldn’t think of another way to get it.

Ashton is not having any of this “retirement to get out of contracts” shenanigans! NO SIR!

Watch Kutcher’s fury!

Honestly, over the last month we’ve seen a lot of celebs doing things with a camera and a mirror, and I’m glad it’s a football rant rather than a nekkid picture this time! Who am I kidding, I’d rather see the nudity.

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