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Former Jon Gosselin Flame Responds to Rant

Because the only way Jon Gosselin remains relevant is by putting out statements to the media through social networking, it only makes sense for a girl that is only recognized as his former girlfriend during his downward spiral would do the same. After Jon’s two overly-long tweets regarding his kids on television, his ex, Hailey […]

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Mel Gibson Calls Christian Bale! These Are Hilarious!

What happened when Mel Gibson calls Christian Bale? Watch below to find out! HA!

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Mel Gibson, The Remix

Mel Gibson’s racist rant is the new Christian Bale rant, and just like Bale’s, remixes have started popping up on the internet. Check out this hilarious one below. Can’t wait for them to tie it into Family Guy!

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Tilas Late Night Rant/Romp

Tila Tequila might be all sorts of messed up in her head after last night! According to those who were up and watching, Tila streamed live on Ustream late last night for a couple of hoursĀ  and she definitely did not seem in the right state of mind. Not only did she rant about the […]

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Ashton Kutcher Really, Really Does Not Like Brett Favre

Ashton Kutcher took to his flip camera and his twitter account this morning to vent his frustration over Brett Favre‘s career track. In the video below, Kutcher rants in the mirror, urging NFL Commissioner Goodell to impose a 5 game penalty upon Favre for signing with the Minnesota Vikings. Favre retired from the Green Bay […]

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