Chris Brown Doesn’t Remember Beating Up Rihanna

Funny thing a memory. Weird how it can remember certain things and block out others.

For Chris Brown, that would be domestic abuse. The girlfriend-beater just taped an appearance for the Wednesday edition of Larry King Live.

The Oldest Man On Earth asked Chris: “When you hear about all the things that the police and the report say that you did, how do you react to that?”

Replied Chris (with lawyer Mark Geragos by his side – yeah, this was really heartfelt):

I’ll just look at it, and I’m in shock. First of all that’s not who I am as a person… I don’t know what to think.

Larry: “Do you remember doing it?

Chris: “No… It’s crazy to me.

Somehow, we thinks that loss of memory is not going to award Chris any more Brownie points.

Take responsibility for your actions, you thug!

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