Deceased DJ AM’s Intervention Series; The Showsploitation Will Go On


Reality shows about addiction are a bit like hitting the crack pipe – you either feel the love… or wanna tear your skin off.

Case in point: A&E’s brilliant and educational show “Intervention”, hosted by the “I’ve-been-to-hell-and-back” survivor/host Candy Finnegan.

And the trash TV example: Tabloid whore Dr Drew Pinsky, whose Vh1 ‘Celebrity Rehab’ thrives on embarrassing and exploiting celebs addicts to keep us watching and ratings high. If Dr. Drew was a real doctor and could see beyond his own ego and dollar signs, he’d realize that the only cure he’s prescribing his “patients” is another addiction to fame.

MTV’s reality intervention series, insensitively titled “Gone to Far” posthumously stars DJ AM, AKA Adam Goldstein in what can only be described (in the understatement of the year) as poorly timed.

With 8 shows already in the cash can, the exploitative & hypocritical show is being touted as “a sober and experienced tough-love guide for troubled addicts”, and is set to air in October.  Goldstein’s parents must be mortified that their son’s last days are being used as a lesson… in ratings. Sensitivity anyone?

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