Elin’s Silence Could Cost Tiger an Extra 700 Mil?

Holy ridiculous! People Magazine is reporting that as part of Tiger Woods’ divorce agreement from his wife Elin, she could get upwards of $700 million dollars for her silence.

What’s he worried about?  His dirty laundry is out there, he should not be afraid of anything she has to say.

A source also claims that what’s taking them so long, is a custody agreement.  Elin reportedly want’s it in there that Tiger is not allowed to bring any female companions around their children during his custody days unless he is married to them.

Seems sort of fair. 

As for her writing a tell all book about life with Tiger, he’s already overcame one of the worst things someone can do more than fifteen times, so we can’t imagine Elin could have anything new and shocking.  Or could she? 

Either way, girlfriend is about to get paid!

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