Starzlife Talks to Lindsay Lohan Legal Consultant, Keith Middlebrook

Lindsay Lohan will be facing the judge next month to enter a not guilty plea in her jewelry theft case, and while many people were urging her to take the plea, which included around 19 days of jail time, it was the advice of her hired legal consultant that influenced her decision not to.

Lohan hired Keith Middlebrook, pictured above  escorting her into court on March 10th,  as a legal consultant, and he tells Starzlife that he has consulted on many cases with worse scenarios than this one, and feels that with the evidence provided, Lindsay can walk away with no jail time whatsoever, he urged her to not take the plea.

Middlebrook is the President of Pro Sports Management LLC, and has worked with many high profile athletes and entertainers in resolving their legal issues.

He tells us, “After myself and my legal team, in extreme detail, examined to exhaustion all the evidence concerning and surrounding the case and the implied probation violation, the conclusion was that with my sellf and my legal team, Lindsay has a winnable case and included would be no probation violation and als avoid any jail time, a bold statement of which I am still ridiculed. But considering Many of my clients have asked me to consult on much worse scenarios, and walked with probation, classes, no jail time and many times even dismissed.” He adds, “Then of course you must totally change their thought process and psychology with counseling so it never happens again!”

While Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley and the media had all basically thrown in the towel and urged her to take the plea which included jail time, Middlebrook, who is not an attorney, (and has never claimed to be one) was able to convince Lindsay to not take the deal.

It was through many meetings, phone conversations, and emails with Lohan that Middlebrook was able to convince her to go to trial, because after he and his second-to-none legal team reviewed all the evidence in the case thoroughly, they believe that she did not steal the necklace, and also believe that the jewelry store is doing the whole thing for press, and to sell the surveillance video.

Just who is his super legal team? Middlebrook explains, “I am now working with a Chemical Engineer, a retired District Attorney, and three of the best attornies in the Nation, compiling evidence involving all matters proving “legaly- by admisable evidence” there was no probation violation concerning the Kombucha drink containing  fermented  teawith a natural alcohol level less than .o5%, not enough to qualify in California as a legal taxable alcoholic drink or set off the SCRAM bracelet.”

Lohan informed the court last week that she would not be taking the plea, and an April 22 court date is set for the felony grand theft case, as well as charges that Lohan has violated conditions of her probation.

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