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StarzLife Team


Grant is a Los Angeles native. His favorite celebs is Morrissey. In addition to writing about the stupid things Sherri Shepherd says, he also writes young adult novels. When not working as a gossip blogger, he enjoys reading tabloids.


Corey has the style and grace of a child pageant star. She spends most of her time watching Lifetime movies and getting drunk to the SciFi channel. She is uncommonly good at bar trivia but never wins because she doesn’t know anything about sports. Her vices include too much diet coke, too much mascara, and too much dependence upon Time Warner Cable. She lives in Los Angeles.


Mackenzie is that rare Hollywood triple threat: Blogger. Actor, and Host at an undisclosed Olive Garden in the Inland Empire. When he’s not writing about the rich and freaky, he keeps himself busy working on The Great American Novel, (Look out Lauren Conrad!) roller-blading (sorry, ladies!), and watching ‘Intervention’ marathons.


Charley, an LA transplant from Big 10 is a three year vet to the work of celebs gossip. He’s a child of the night and sources have claimed that he might even be a vampire. (before all the Twilight hype) His hero? Spencer Pratt. His dream girl? Kim Kardashain. Weapon of choice? Natty light. Celebs all over town watch their back for Uncle Charley.