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CW Producers: Ashlee Simpson Was “Embarrassingly Bad”

Ouch! Don’t expect Oscar to come calling anytime soon for “singer”/”actress” Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (or whatever the talentless tart is calling herself these days). Apparently producers on the CW show Melrose Place let go of the lip-synching thespian because her acting was so horrific. Says a “source” to US Weekly: “They hired her because they needed […]

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Jessica Simpson Is An Actor’s Teacher

Blond thespian Jessica Simpson is an expert on acting. Look at her resume – she’s like Meryl Streep! (With just a few less chromosomes.) The Texan twat took to her Twitter this weekend to criticize the CW Show starring her sister, ‘Melrose Place.’ Tweeted Jessi-crap: CW catching up on MP.who writes this crap?i have had […]

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Ashlee Shops Away Final Days as a TV Star

Kicked off a big network TV show?  Nothin a little retail therapy can’t fix! It was recently revealed that Ashlee Simpson would be run off the Melrose Place remake after 12 episodes this season, as her creepy character of Violet Foster would not be relevant to the shows storyline any longer. We spotted Ashlee out […]

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I Wasn’t Gonna Spoil it, But Ashlee Simpson is Out on Melrose!!!

You can all sigh collectively, creepy Violet is on her way out the door on Melrose Place. Don’t get me wrong I like Ashlee Simpson just fine, It’s just that character of Violet Foster that is driving everyone insane week after week! Well in a new interview with EW, the shows executive producers gave us […]

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DVR’s and Vampires Keeping The CW Alive

The ratings have been horrid to put it in a nice way, but DVRs could be Melrose Place’s saving grace. In it’s premiere season, Melrose is only averaging about a million and some change, with it’s numbers decreasing each week since the beginning of the season, but once DVR totals are figured in, the CW […]

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Beverly Hills Bronx

The Wentz’s hit up a local Beverly Hills park this afternoon with baby boy Bronx. (Who is actually cute, unlike some) Rarely seen together due to mega busy schedules, Pete and Ashlee both got to spend the afternoon with their son  as a family for once. They avoided the swings and slides this time as […]

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Lucy Hale to Ashlee; Suck it Simpson!

Okay, not really, actress Lucy Hale gives us no reason to believe she’s noting but a kind hearted young girl based on her tweets, and would probably never say “suck it” to Ashlee Simpson,  but in a world scripted by fans of the now canceled CW show Privileged,  a celebration would be in order due […]

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Fall TV Returns Tonight!

For those of you who didn’t celebrate your religious holiday with the start of  college football last week, another religion kicks off their season tonight.  Fall television! Any fan of TV knows that just like in fashion, the fall/winter seasons are the best hands down. Tonight you get your big premiere night, with the season […]

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TMI of the Day

“I could do the splits when I was nine months pregnant,” she says. “I could put my leg over my head still. I used to be a ballerina.” -Ashlee Simpson tells Ellen Degeneres of an unnecesary visual during a taping of her show to air soon.

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Dear God, Please Let There Be a Brandon Lee-Type Stunt Misfire When Al Shapton Hosts WWE Monday Night Raw

World Wrestling Entertaintment has become an important marketing tool in addition to a fake sport. Monday Night Raw is now hosted by a new celeb almost every week and some big  names have been announced as upcoming hosts, including highlander Bob Barker, Access Hollywood co-host Nancy O’Dell, boxer Floyd Mayweather, and career extortionist Al Sharpton. Guess […]

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