DVR’s and Vampires Keeping The CW Alive


The ratings have been horrid to put it in a nice way, but DVRs could be Melrose Place’s saving grace.

In it’s premiere season, Melrose is only averaging about a million and some change, with it’s numbers decreasing each week since the beginning of the season, but once DVR totals are figured in, the CW is seeing the highest +7 numbers of any other network.

+7 is how many times a show is watched on DVR within 7 days of it’s original air date.

Same story for 90210 as well.  Numbers are on the decline, probably not enough for a cancellation, but not good for the series lifespan!

One show that has no need to worry, is CW’s Vampire Diaries, whose ratings have been on the rise each week, with last weeks episode bringing in around 4.5 million viewers.  Take that Melrose!

All in all it looks as if besides their failed Wednesdays,  The CW will live to see another day.

For those who do watch Melrose though,  how creepy is Ashlee Simpson!!?!

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