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OMG, Gossip Girl Season 3 Sneak Peek!

Remember last season of Gossip Girl when CW marketers used text lingo to advertise the second season of GG? “OMFG” was seen above hot posters of the rich kids making out. Continuing with the third season, Gossip Girl has moved onto “WTF?”. Check out the video for yourself, IDK, but it seems more like OMG […]

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Leighton Meester Sex Tape Doesn’t Exist, Now What Will Men Do?

News of a sex tape with Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester having a starring role leaked in June, but Meester is now swearing that it doesn’t exist. The tape was supposed to be of 18 year-old Meester and an ex-boyfriend, the gentleman who was shopping the tape around. The tape purported to show Meester’, uh, skill […]

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Tyra Banks to Bring the Fierce to Gossip Girl

According to People, Tyra Banks will appear on the show Gossip Girl sometime in the upcoming season. Gossip Girl runs on the CW, the same network that carries both America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra Show, so I’m not surprised- it’s called cross-marketing! No news on whether TyTy will play a character or herself. Nate […]

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New Girl in Class Bribes the Popular Kids

Hilary Duff is a bigger name than any of the cast on Gossip Girl, but when she arrived on set to shoot her four episode stint this week, she was up against a tight knit group! How did she fit in?  Bribery of course! A source on the set claims that she brought cupcakes to […]

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Chace Crawford Moves Out of Ed Westwick’s Place

Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, who is to reprise the role Kevin Bacon made famous in Footloose, moved out of the apartment he shares with fellow GG castmate, Ed Westwick. The two shared an apartment (I wonder if it was one bedroom or two?) in the NYC neighborhood of Chelsea. Ed Westwick is apparently not […]

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Target is Not One to Gossip

Even after it had been announced officially that Target would debut a line by Anna Sui based off of the girls from Gossip Girl, the retail giant pulled out in the final minutes creating havoc on the upper east side. The outfits had all been revealed on various fashion sites, showing off the styles of  […]

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Hilary Duff to Gossip Girl

WOW! Hilary Duff has got herself a huge deal with The CW’s Gossip Girl! Not only will she be guest starring on the hit series, but it will be for a multi episode run! Duff will play the role of Olivia Burke, a famous actress who enrolls at NYU in search of a traditional college […]

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Plug Pulled on Valley Girls.

Could this be ?   Next weeks episode of Gossip Girl was to be a flash back to the 80’s where the story of Serena’s mom Lily and Dan’s dad Rufus and their LA romance was told, setting up for the spin-off series, “Valley Girls.” Well that flashback ep will still air  next week, but reports […]

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Gossip Girl Gets the Spins.

Gossip Girl has finally been given the green light on a spin-off, but hold on upper east siders, it’s not what you think! In the book series, the character of Jenny Humphrey spun off from the rest of the group to her own book series titled “The It Girl,” but despite earlier reports that television […]

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Missing In Action.

Chace Crawford was noticeably absent from last nights episode of Gossip Girl.  Could his character be becoming irrelevant to the script and direction the show is heading? Fortunately for the fans, it’s not the case.  Chase is here for the long haul.  In a recent interview with Details, Chace revealed the longevity of his role […]

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