Target is Not One to Gossip


Even after it had been announced officially that Target would debut a line by Anna Sui based off of the girls from Gossip Girl, the retail giant pulled out in the final minutes creating havoc on the upper east side.

The outfits had all been revealed on various fashion sites, showing off the styles of  Blair, Jenny, Serena and Vanessa from the hit CW show, and a cross promotional tie in was even set to be filmed for the upcoming season of Gossip Girl had been written in when Target got cold feet and bailed.

According to a GG snitch, there was to be a party scene shot next week at Anna Sui’s flagship store in SoH0 in which hired models would wear the Gossip inspired designs, as well as feature some carefully placed Target logos around the store to help with the marketing.

Well now that Target is out, it’s sent the writers and producers into a frenzy trying to figure out what to do with the scene.

Don’t fret about not being able to head to high school dressed like Blair Waldorf this fall though,  Anna Sui and Target will still be selling the designs in Target stores across the country, they will just be missing the TM logos and names.  You’ll have to figure out which outfit belongs to which girl on your own.

Surely some websites will help you distinguish.

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