Hollywood Ghost Hunters Visit Manson Murder Ghosts


The 40th anniversary of the Sharon Tate murders is less than a month away, and in preparation for the big day, producer David Oman invited the Hollywood Ghost Hunters to his own haunted house to see what they could find.

Oman’s house was built just a few steps from the property where Tate and 4 others were murdered in 1969, and over the past 7 years, he’s had numerous encounters with the paranormal, which was the motive behind his movie, The House at the End of the Drive.

The Hollywood Ghost Hunters are headed up by Kane Hodder and Rick McCallum.    McCallum,  a special effects wizard/ stuntman  and Hodder, who is the man behind the mask of Jason Voorhees in  4 of the famous Friday the 13th films started the group together after an incident on the set of a film in a haunted prison.

Joined by their team of   Adam Green, R.A. Mihailoff, Richard Friedman, Robert Pendergraft, Louis Horowitz, Jason Miller, Brian Collins and Steve Nappe,  The Hollywood Ghost Hunters explored Oman’s  Celio Drive home from top to bottom, with some pretty interesting findings.

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Join me after the jump to learn more about what went on that night.

David Oman was nice enough to invite me over and let me join the hunt that night, and there were a few moments that you had to see to believe.

For instance,  as the group explored the bottom floor rooms for any signs, while learning about things that had happened in the past, the smoke detector on the top floor began to sound off.  There was nobody upstairs!

There was also this strange bit where the lights in the hallway, which were all connected to one circuit flickered on and off at different times.  WHILE THE SWITCH WAS OFF!!!

You can check out some more of the happenings below in the video, as well as check out the gallery of 3 photos with different filters in which the Hollywood Ghost Hunters have found a mans face looking down on them at the top of the stairs.  Is it Jay Seibring?

It’s wild!

Cant wait to visit this house on the anniversary of the murders!

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Check out more from the Hollywood Ghost Hunters on their site, Hollywoodghosthunters.com, and check out David Oman’s movie  at www.houseattheendofthedrive.com

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