Game Disses Jigga (Or, “The Game Disrespects Jay-Z”)


Game went hard (no homo) at Jay-Z in a diss track leaked to the internet this weekend. Game, whose real name (Jayceon) is oddly closer to Jay-Z’s rap name than Jay-Z’s real name (Shawn) is, rhymes his frustration with the veteran rapper for a) speaking his name in a verse that implies Game isn’t “real” b) refusing to perform at the BET Awards if Chris Brown did and c) being old.

While we at Starzlife can’t condone rap beef because we don’t want rappers coming to our offices to kill us, Game does spit a couplet that resonates when referencing Jay-Z’s anti-AutoTune song, D.O.A.: “Death of AutoTune? No / T-Pain stays, old man goes.” Here’s hoping that Game spearheads the anti-anti-AutoTune movement. Come on, T-Pain is a millionaire instead of in prison. Obviously we’re not the only people on Earth who actually like AutoTune. T-Pain’s reinvention as robot is my generation’s “Dylan goes electric.”

September 11th: never forget. (That this is the day Jay-Z’s new album comes out.)

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2 Responses to Game Disses Jigga (Or, “The Game Disrespects Jay-Z”)

  1. July 14, 2009 at 1:15 pm #

    Jay-Z is a legend and the Lame Game needs to learn to respect his elders. To disrespect a man’s wife is sooo low down and disrespectful. A stunt like this should end his career. I know he’s lost quite a few fans but he should lose all of them. He always picks on women: Mya, Vida Guerra, Beyonce and now Amber Rose! If any of them decided to retaliate they would have a field day on his girl. She looks like somebody’s grandmother, dress like somebody’s grandmother, ugly and old as hell too (while he calling Jay-Z old, she is about Hov’s age).

  2. July 22, 2009 at 8:26 pm #

    The Game is the only real shit there is today the dude got shot mad times straight outta Compton ands a BL o2d he’s real shit

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