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Let’s Talk Gossip Girl Finale…

Wait so did you guys all watch the Gossip Girl finale   last night? There was the expected, and the WAY UNEXPECTED! Warning: Spoilers from here on, so if you haven’t watched yet be careful. First of all, how bout the Michelle Trachtenberg / Penn Badgley baby shocker?  Clearly they want to keep her around for […]

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New Gossip Girl Promo!

OH MY!  If you can’t wait to see whats to come on the next episode of Gossip Girl, watch this new promo below! We won’t talk about it and spoil it for anyone, but lets just say you probably didn’t see it coming. The promo aired on international television, and not in the US. Tell […]

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William Baldwin’s Gossip Girl Debut

In preparation for his first appearance on Gossip Girl tonight,  William Baldwin will be appearing on E! News at 7:30 PM to talk about the show. Baldwin will be playing Serena’s dad,  William Van Der Woodsen in his first appearance on the series. Make sure to check out E! News tonight before you check out […]

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Gossip Girl Season Finale Sneak Peek!

Check out this extended preview for the return of Gossip Girl on April 26th!  There’s only THREE episodes left until the season finale. You won’t want to miss this one! What is going to happen?

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Spotted: Leighton Meester Dumping Co-Star Boyfriend

What is it Gossip Girl split week?   First the rumor that Ed Westwick had dumped Jessica Szohr that was debunked by a rep, but now this one that Leighton Meester has broken it off with Sebastian Stam? The couple began dating in 2008 after Stam appeared as recurring character, Carter Covington, but according to OK! […]

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Gossip Boy Becomes Product of His Environment

Even the world of Rufus Humphrey carries on after work is over for actor Matthew Settle. During some fashion week shows and parties this past weekend, Settle was SPOTTED, with another woman. His wedding ring was off, suggesting that he and his wife, model Naama Nativ are going through something, but him holding the hand […]

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Billy Baldwin Headed to the Upper East Side

Big news for Gossip Girl fans regarding the unveiling of Serena’s estranged father, William van der Woodsen. It’s been a story line this whole season with Serena trying to get in touch with her father, and when she meets him at the end of the season, he’ll be played by Billy Baldwin! Can Billy pull […]

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Hilary Duff a Part of the Gossip Girl OM3?

Could Hilary Duff be a part of the much anticipated/shunned threesome this coming week on Gossip Girl? So far it’s still too hard to tell, but this promo clip below does give the impression that it could be between her, Dan, and Vanessa. It would be unlike The CW to release a promo and give […]

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Threes a Crowd for Parents Television Council

Gossip Girl went all out advertising their “O M 3” campaign for next weeks episode with promo spots all about threesomes. Well the Parents Television Council is having none of that! The conservative group who doesn’t want yours or their kids seeing a little girl on girl on boy or boy on boy on girl […]

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Hilary Duff About to Actually Bring Drama to Gossip Girl

Her role on the hit CW show so far has been rather tame, but according to next weeks preview, Hilary Duff is about to start some drama! Find out what happens when not only Gossip Girl spots her with her “hand in the cookie jar” but also Perez Hilton! What will Dan think!? Have you […]

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