Let’s Talk Gossip Girl Finale…

Wait so did you guys all watch the Gossip Girl finale   last night?

There was the expected, and the WAY UNEXPECTED!

Warning: Spoilers from here on, so if you haven’t watched yet be careful.

First of all, how bout the Michelle Trachtenberg / Penn Badgley baby shocker?  Clearly they want to keep her around for a few episodes next season at least.

Second, there was Jenny Humphrey’s departure, which we all new was coming, and was a litle anti climatic.

Third, Chuck Bass getting shot?  Really?  Left for dead?  You know they won’t kill off a character like that, you know he’ll survive somehow.

In fact, Gossip Girl producer Stephanie Savage has revealed with this spoiler for next season;

Dan and Serena’s romance will be revisited,  and Chuck’s accident will bring him and Blair closer than ever before.

Were you guys happy or disappointed in the finale?   What would you have changed?

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