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Miley Cyrus’ Fall Frolick

Miley Cyrus is back in town, and we’re not quite sure what to make of her expression when we spotted her out and about yesterday. You tell us what Miley is thinking here…

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Lara Flynn Boyle: Un-Luck of the Irish

Lara Flynn Boyle looked like she was dressed for fall semester as we spotted her arriving to a friends house in Los Angeles this past weekend. Decked out in her Notre Dame Fighting Irish t-shirt, we know what kind of a day she ended up having, as her team lost to the University of Michigan’s […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Tori Spelling and Her Twinkle-toes

Someone must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed!! We spotted a very angry Tori Spelling picking her kids up from ballet class in The Valley. Little miss paparazzi- Tori, had her camera in tow when she caught the end of Liam and Stella’s class. Check out a few more photos of […]

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Holiday Hatchers

In the final weeks before the Desperate Housewives media blitz starts, Terri Hatcher enjoyed Labor Day Weekend with her daughter, Emerson, strolling the streets of Studio City. Terri and Emerson did a little shopping and grabbed some lunch this weekend, making sure to get a little mother daughter time in while they still can. Desperate […]

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Kardashian/Jenner Family to Get Key to Beverly Hills

Show ratings are no lie, this family has power! Now, the Kardashian/Jenner clan will be honored at this year’s  Taste of Beverly Hills festival by being awarded keys to the city! This is a special year for the ceremony, which will take place on September 2nd, because the date will be 9/02/10, which matches the […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Megan Fox Left in the Dust

EXCLUSIVE!!! Brian Austin Green may be the only man running away from Megan Fox.  He seems to always be three steps ahead of his new bride. While leaving an Indian restaurant he was paying more attention to his phone, leaving her struggling to keep up.  I guess it really is just all about the chase.

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Kate Walsh Takes Machy Machy Too Far

EXCLUSIVE!!! Kate Walsh, who has been a little too matchy matchy for most stylist tastes in the past, rocked a sundress that resembled her bottle of water.  The question is, is she choosing drinks based on what she’s wearing or choosing what to wear based on her thirst?

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Spelling and Family NOH8 Face Paint

Tori Spelling and her family say No to Prop 8 by saying yes to face paint. The whole family went and got the NOH8 message painted on their cheeks in Los Angeles today.  Permission to marry after proposition banning gay marriage was overturned, has been postponed for another week. We’ll see if Tori and family […]

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Bilson & Christensen are Done… um duh

We saw this one coming. Their reps have finally confirmed that Rachel Bilson and boyfriend of three years Hayden Christensen are done. Not shocking news considering the couple has been engaged for nearly two years,  is never seen together and Bilson gigantic engagement ring has been M.I.A for the past several months.

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Iconic Band Wilson Phillips’ Reunion Performance

Iconic 90’s band Wilson Phillips ( Chynna Phillips, Wendy Wilson and Carnie Wilson), reunite at the Ventura County fair. After perfoming Chynna Phillips meets up with her husband Billy Baldwin and her kids who were watching the show. Billy Baldwin stars in the popular series Gossip Girls and now is going to be starring in […]

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