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Magic Supports No On 8.

Magic Johnson is the latest celeb joining the No On Prop 8 cause.  The former Los Angeles Lakers star just released the following message. “This is Magic Johnson calling to ask you to join me and Barack Obama in opposing Proposition 8. Prop 8 singles out one group of Californians to be treated differently – […]

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Apparently Saturday Night Live is going to be Saturday Night Lame tonight for their final 2 hour election special and air a pre taped show. This pretty much dismisses any chance of Barack Obama showing up as I expected would happen on the liberal owned network, but I guess there will be pre-taped cameos by […]

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Dear Mr. Obama is YouTubes Hottest Election Video.

Youtube has tons of election themed videos this season due to the Presidential race, some being funny, some being serious, some being down right awful, but one has stood out above the rest to deliver a powerful message. Joe Cook, or “Joe the Vet” as he’s known by now, is featured in a video titled […]

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Heidi Becomes Political Art.

Paris Hilton is running for president in her own little BFF world, Tom Cruise and other A-Listers think it’s funny to pretend to tell people not to vote, and now Heidi Montag has become a piece of 08 election art history.  Hollywood has election fever! Pop Tarts is reporting on a piece of art which […]

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Something’s Missing.

Will Smith and a gang of other celebs are back with one of those 5 friends get out the vote campaign ads, but it just wasn’t as funny as the first one.  Mainly because Jonah Hill was absent from his ad. The ‘don’t vote‘ ad is pretend directed by Steven Spielberg and features the likenesses […]

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John Mayer Endorses a Candidate.

Like many other celebrities, John Mayer has given his support to one particular candidate in the form of a blog on The Huffington Post website. Here’s what John had to say; “Obama gives me the feeling that I could be alive to witness one of the most brilliant upturns in a country’s history. What a […]

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Palin Porn Parody Starts to Surface.

Hustler’s new porn parody featuring a Sarah Palin look-a-like has started to pop up on the net. The film which is titled Who’s Nalin’ Paylin is now available on the Hustler website but I managed to find a couple of safe for work clips which are included after the jump. The film features appearances by […]

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Home Sweet Home.

An Ohio judge has ruled that all counties within the state must allow people to list places such as park benches and locations that aren’t structural buildings as their addresses. This move will allow Ohio’s homeless to be able to cast a ballot in next weeks election. They would still need identification though right??

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Solid As Barack.

Tina Fey was off this Saturday Night, but a new woman from the election was brought to Saturday Night Live.  This time, it was Michelle Obama. “Michelle and Barack” appeared with an announcement that since they were so ahead in the polls, they would be scrapping his planned 30 minute PSA this Wednesday and just […]

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Ferrell Back On SNL.

Will Ferrell returned to SNL last night for the Thursday night Weekend Update where he appeared alongside Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. Will played George Bush back in the good ol’ days. Check it out below.

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