Apparently Saturday Night Live is going to be Saturday Night Lame tonight for their final 2 hour election special and air a pre taped show.

This pretty much dismisses any chance of Barack Obama showing up as I expected would happen on the liberal owned network, but I guess there will be pre-taped cameos by John McCain and Sarah Palin, as well as the Hilary Clinton played by Amy Pohler who is now off of the show due to giving birth to a son, Archie, just a week or so ago.

In addition to the new material, SNL will be showing some of their ‘greatest political hits’ which could potentially mean clips dealing with prior elections as well.

Sounds like a cheap attempt at being able to sell a DVD if you ask me.

Shoulda been all new and all live.

I was hoping to see more material on that guy running with Obama that nobody talks about too.

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