Dear Mr. Obama is YouTubes Hottest Election Video.

Youtube has tons of election themed videos this season due to the Presidential race, some being funny, some being serious, some being down right awful, but one has stood out above the rest to deliver a powerful message.

Joe Cook, or “Joe the Vet” as he’s known by now, is featured in a video titled Dear Mr. Obama, where he criticizes Obama’s policies on the Iraq war, and tells why he’s supporting John McCain.

Joe joined the Army three years ago at age 20 because of his family’s dedication to serving their country. His parents were both Marines, and he has two brothers in the military.

Joe’s YouTube video has gained over 11 million views, the most of any election video to date.

At the end, Joe turns away from the camera an walks away to reveal his prosthetic leg that is the result of a combat wound suffered in June.

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