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The Beckhams Practice Buddhism

Their BFFs are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes of Scientology, and they’ve been known to run with the Kabbalah crowd, but looks like David and Victoria Beckham are turning to Buddhism these days.

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Surrender The Golds, Cheaters!

They better enjoy it while it lasts, because after new documents have been uncovered helping to prove that at least two of the girls on the Chinese womens gymnastics team were participating at the age of 14, the International Olympic Committee has spoken up and called for an investigation.

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Is Money More Powerful Than Tradition?

Wheaties is “The Breakfast of Champions,” so why is the greatest Olympic champion of all time being printed on another cereal?  It has to be money!

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Michael Phelps Wants Cameron Diaz.

Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympic champion of all time, winning 8 gold medals at the Beijing games, and could probably get any girl he wanted at the moment, so what’s he want with Cameron Diaz?

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Chinese Baby Gymnasts Strike Again.

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Do not read ahead if you don’t want to know what went down during Monday’s womens individual uneven bars competition in Beijing.   US Favorite Nastia Liukin was up against Chinese rug rats He Kexin, and Yang Yilin, two of the gymnasts in the center of the age controversy.  Findout how they faired […]

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Want To Help Serve Up Some American Justice?

The Chinese child tactics were no match for the US team of Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson who took home gold and silver medals in the womens gymnastics all around competition last night, but that still doesn’t justify their alleged use of under 16 gymnasts to help them win the team gold!

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Chinese Gymnastics Scandal Heating Up!

When I mentioned it yesterday, it was just more of a fan speculation topic of conversation, but in less than 24 hours the  Chinese womens gymnastics age scandal is making headlines on every site in the world!  This screen cap from Sports Illustrated reads “How Old Are They?” and ESPN is running something of similar […]

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Speaking of Olympians…

Diddy recently spoke out about the 2008 Olympic games, and what he would be a gold medalist in if he were to participate.  Find out what sport P. Diddy is the Michael Phelps of after this.

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Celebs of the Week

I’ve dodged Olympic postings for most of the week, although I’ve been guilty of staying up screaming at the television during showings of taped events that aren’t even happening live at the moment. But I just have to salute the US Olympic team for their performances so far in Beijing. One man in particular, who […]

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Kim K is no Jessica Simpson!

Kim Kardashian is famously dating a professional football player, and is hoping to show the fans of her mans team that she is no curse!

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